My World



“What’s there beyond the sea Grandpa”? Walking on the golden sands with my hand held tightly by my Grandfather, was a question I innocently asked, and he gave the answer, “darling, beyond there is a magical world; where everything glitters, shines, and is run by machines but ………um… humanity is vulnerable there.” I liked the brighter side of his statement so much that I never missed to go with him everyday, for the morning walks.

His description and way of putting something unknown attracted me so much that I wanted to grow up earlier. The curiosity to see that world never developed any liking for the simple world around me.

I stretched myself and grew up and made my way to that most awaiting destination. I flew with curious fluttering and took the long flight. At last my destination landed me and I, with bouncing heart stuck my eyes to have an ever larger view of the paradise which I had been creating in my mind since childhood.

Grand, bright, dazzling, alluring, mesmerizing………..it all was just like treat for one’s eyes! Enthusiastically I stepped forward and stumbled….I raised my head to see the nearest hand for help……but there was none. Human robots were busy doing their tasks.

My determination compelled me to try my best to be a robot but I could not prove myself. There were some robots that looked like my childhood pals, but they didn’t smile at me. No robot came near me for support. My oddity made me neither a robot nor left like a human. Now, I understood the real meaning of grandpa’s statement about this world, I feared, I compromised, I struggled to survive but I could not stand because my roots were somewhere there at my home and the separation from them was impossible.

The indelible memories of my home followed me everywhere, and my heart vehemently wanted to be back.  Though it was pathetic to return like a failure but it needs a lot of courage to be honest, so I decided to go back to my world and ameliorate it.

Today, standing by the sea shore I saw my grandpa as a best friend contended to see me back. Holding my hand he asked, ‘child, what’s there beyond the sea’? With less remorse and more determination I said, ‘nothing grandpa, everything is here’.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

My blog is my window to the world from where I meet the lovely people like you. You have always been my friend, mentor and a guide because there is something special in you.

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