Way back home

http://mrg.bz/LsH3I1 The phone rang; Neha rushed to the hospital and saw Tony in a very pathetic condition. After separation it was their first meeting. He was an incomplete man now, with the crutches by his side. There was no soul to console him during this dreadful situation. She controlled herself, and talked very sympathetically with… Continue reading Way back home


Let’s Do Our Bit (Retaining reading culture)

Reading, these days is restricted to academics only, reading for pleasure is replaced by movies, television and other electronic devices. The reason is that today’s lifestyle has really become hi tech, and people are so indulged in their own zones that if we talk about reading culture everyone finds it frivolous.  Since few decades with the emergence of technology… Continue reading Let’s Do Our Bit (Retaining reading culture)


The Dazzling Damsel (Dubai)

Albatross my dream cruise ship, floating with pride on the glittering water of Dubai looks like gigantic jewel collection. Its regal existence communicates the phenomenal growth of an ordinary man on this land of gold. Working at Abra station was my first step towards my Albatross. Swarming abras running the errands of commuting frequently, were my source of inspiration. Their roars seemed to be claiming that they are the lowliest paid yet hard working ones. Markets surrounding Abra stations that I would sneak in between my… Continue reading The Dazzling Damsel (Dubai)