Oasis in the Desert



Today again Harry rushed out of home with a bitter mood and Neha nearly froze at the door.This was the routine of almost everyday. She  went inside the bedroom spiritlessly  and locked the door. She opened her closet, then the locker inside it, took out the envelop and hurriedly opened it. With great care she unfolded the letter and held the dried rose petals in her hands. With watery eyes she stared those petals. The last memory of Raj!!! Two years back she married  Harry and was in the process  to forget Raj.  Her first love Raj, would never fit into the frame of her husband, she knew that very well. Therefore, she practically chose Harry as her life partner  and moved forward.

The glittering world of materialism lost its shine within no time. Neha and Harry were not made for each other. She could not complaint to anyone because it was her decision. Undoubtedly her material desires were fulfiied, but there was no compatibility between the couple. She wanted to shout on herself, blame herself for such unreasonable choice. During those tough and troubled  times this letter from Raj seemed to be an oasis of comfort in the desert of her married life.

She has retained Raj’s love letter  as a substitute to carry forward her unpleasant married life. Whenever she wants to console her heart, these dry petals  appear as fresh ones through her watery eyes.

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6 thoughts on “Oasis in the Desert”

  1. I simply feel that once you make a choice all you must ever do is live with it and if you are not happy with it then makes changes accordingly to make yourself happy. Tugging on to some strings from the past and hoping to make your present happier just seems too unfair for oneself. Guess she must find ways to keep herself happy and not just escape like this. Makes me sad 😦

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