The Dazzling Damsel (Dubai)


Albatross my dream cruise ship, floating with pride on the glittering water of Dubai looks like gigantic jewel collection. Its regal existence communicates the phenomenal growth of an ordinary man on this land of gold. Working at Abra station was my first step towards my Albatross.

Swarming abras running the errands of commuting frequently, were my source of inspiration. Their roars seemed to be claiming that they are the lowliest paid yet hard working ones. Markets surrounding Abra stations that I would sneak in between my commutes were my windows to the world and portals to success.

Golden mornings with abundant heat melted the perspiring souls under blue umbrella, and by the time it was afternoon the exhausted city submerged into the siesta to reenergize itself for the warm evenings. In order to keep pace with the life, the panting town during the busy hours of the day usually compensated its evenings through affordable pleasures.

Gold shops like beautiful damsels, displayed glittering ornaments to tempt the buyer’s eyes to wear them visually – at least. Shopping spree in the air of the downtown had its magical effect on everyone. Dubai a visual treat to admiring eyes and an ultimate goal of aspiring hearts, was now the focus of my enduring will.

As the proceeding steps of my perseverance grounded on this land, the road that started from survival finally got the ultimate arrival. Dubai kept alive my aspiration and now my Albatross is one of the jewels that enhance the beauty of this Dazzling Damsel.

(This is the work of pure imagination…)

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