Let’s Do Our Bit (Retaining reading culture)

Reading, these days is restricted to academics only, reading for pleasure is replaced by movies, television and other electronic devices. The reason is that today’s lifestyle has really become hi tech, and people are so indulged in their own zones that if we talk about reading culture everyone finds it frivolous.  Since few decades with the emergence of technology reading has lost its readers to various devices. This is not a trivial matter, but a matter of serious concern. Our kids who have never tasted the flavor of reading pleasure, how will they know about it without a guiding force? Therefore, parents’ contribution is very important at the initial stage.

Our younger generation finds reading as a boring task, they read out of compulsion which can never turn them into good readers. A teacher of this century has an eminent role to play in developing reading habits and applying the appropriate reading skills to get the desired results from the learners. This can be achieved only by making the learners read the text carefully to achieve the right meaning. Different types of texts develop different types of reading skills in the reader, so a teacher needs to employ various activities to make the learner explore the text.

Advantages of reading needs our immediate attention-

  • Reading develops imagination-

In my literature classes, students would do the shortcuts in spite of my advice to go through the text first. Once I compelled them read a surprise text and assessed them in the class… the next day I showed them the movie based on that very text. Voila! My students found out that the imagination/direction they gave to the story was far better than the movie  they saw. This specific activity changed most of the students’ viewpoint in my class; in fact their interest grew in reading.

The movie visuals have its own restrictions, but our imagination is limitless and we draw our own interpretations which is the proof of our creativeness and constructiveness.

  • Reading develops creativity

Reading works as thought tapping, when a reader uses the situations in the story with different options it helps create new situations in the mind of reader.

  • Reading improves language

Reading helps in understanding the correct syntax, vocabulary and spellings.

  • Reading works as food for Soul

A soulful reading of an appropriate text gives so much contentment to the reader that can be said incomparable to any other thing.

This is how I am doing my bit!

I have started my first steps towards sustaining Reading Culture, and the response that I have got is positive. I hope that my initiative and efforts will bring fruitful results.

Charity begins at home, so have I done… in my house I have changed my corner room into a reading den, where a lot of books- mine as well as contribution from my friend circle are set as in a mini library form. The walls are covered with wise words drawn on the beautiful charts, and floor covered with nice fluffy carpet for readers to sit and read comfortably.

We discuss before, during and after the reading in turns to give each and everyone a chance to express his/her viewpoint.

At this initial stage, I have opened it for my friends and neighbors from 4-7 pm, three days a week, but I have plans to open it for a larger number and for longer time.

In the near future I will engage few volunteers to give an overall look to the whole event, and cover reading activities during holidays.

Running with the current is very important, but building a superstructure without the base is just impossible! So it is the joint responsibility of everyone to create an atmosphere where our reading culture should stand like a rock.

Are you doing your bit?


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5 thoughts on “Let’s Do Our Bit (Retaining reading culture)”

  1. Completely agree with you. Reading opens up a new world and it should be inculcated as a habit from a very young age..Love your initiative and wish I could do something like this in near future. Best of luck!!

  2. The movie visuals have its own restrictions, but our imagination is limitless and we draw our own interpretations which is the proof of our creativeness and constructiveness. …. This is so true. Often I prefer reading the books before I see the movie, I find my own imagination had made the story richer and with more depth than the visual was

  3. Yes Ritu… reading provides us with the liberty of imagination,but watching a movie based on a book imposes restrictions on our imagination…Thanks

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