Letters unsent – The Last Letter


Dearest friend,

This is my last letter to you. I promise that I will never appear in your life again. But there are some questions hovering on my mind and I know that I won’t ever get the answers, still I want to try.

What happened to you my dear friend? Why have you changed so much in this period of time? What is stopping you from being the same like before? Where the possessiveness for your best friend has vanished?

After our marriage, we exchanged few letters and made few visits to each other, but the three meetings after our marriage seemed mere formality. You were no more that lively person with whom I would die to spend the whole day. After every visit I kept losing confidence in myself. I thought that you are a bit disturbed by the fact that I reside out of country and follow a trendy lifestyle. But after our conversation on phone yesterday, I was in a shock when you gave utmost importance to your responsibilities and did not wish to see me or invite me either. Very cleverly you said, “It’s good that we had a talk on phone at least” and I froze there holding the receiver in my hand.

It seemed you ripped off the page of friendship from the book of life.

I called aunty and told her about your flat behavior, she said only few words, “she lives in a joint family, I won’t say anything…..you are wise enough to understand.”

I kept on thinking from your side but I could not get a satisfactory explanation, after all we both believed in friendship next to life. I can understand your helplessness, and I will pray for your happiness.  I am proud to have you as my best friend because you chose the path of Karma.

I will not send this letter to you because I don’t want to disturb you.

I will always cherish our school and college memories and will never complaint you for renouncing our friendship.

A friend…

Written for the prompt Letters unsent at Write Tribe

Picture courtesy: Google Images

12 thoughts on “Letters unsent – The Last Letter”

  1. Oh this is sad, shelly…I hope your friend comes back around. I am sure she must be going through something she may not be willing to share right now. Don’t fret. She will come around when she can, you don’t leave this spot….and when she comes back and finds you where she left you it would give her more confidence to reach out. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. This happened 10 years back, since then I have moved forward with many other lovely friends but I still look for her on internet with a desire to know something about her at least…. Thanks Kajal

  2. That’s very sad to lose a friend that way with no explanation. I hope someday you both will meet up and you will get your answers. hugs.

  3. This is such a sad thing to happen. Sometimes I too think about all those friends who just disappeared from friendships. That too in this facebook era. Strange are the ways of life I guess. Karma or not, I hope your friend finds a way back to you.

  4. Friendship is amonst the most sacred relationship..It is sad when this dies out because of societal pressures…Meet your friend outside her ‘setting’, I’m sure not able to express her feelings to you is eating her from inside too…

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