I knew it was my last day there…

HR leaked the secret that company’s going to reduce the staff and my name was in the list. My mind advised, ‘better quit before termination.’ Taking my heavy heart along, I reached office and pretended to be ignorant of internal office happenings. I knew it was my last day there…I don’t know why I couldn't resign; I… Continue reading I knew it was my last day there…


You are Right Darling!

Hina’s married life was truly a blissful one and she was an ardent lover of her husband, who was a loving and caring man. Except his habitual statement tampered with slight ego, ‘women really have smaller brains’; Amit was gem of a person. Whether it was finalizing, planning or decision making …after a long procedure… Continue reading You are Right Darling!


Ignorance is Bliss!

‘I am an independent woman; I want to live my life by my own. Mom please don’t take it otherwise,’ While sipping her tea Mrs. Sampat recalled that had happened in her home a year back. Sim, her daughter in law wanted to manage all her affairs by herself; her son was against this partition,… Continue reading Ignorance is Bliss!


Ugh…get rid of it!

Nella’s car went vroom as she entered her husband's favorite restaurant,  she wanted to please him by arranging a romantic and surprise dinner after his hectic  week. As her car swooshed  in  the parking she saw Rex gushing out of the restaurant hand in hand with a man, but  was  rattled to see the man in fact was… Continue reading Ugh…get rid of it!

Inner World

A Journey to Faith

  “Inner peace can help you overcome the outer chaos, no matter what conditions surround you, if your inner land is fertile you can sow the seeds of happiness and see them growing into prosperity around.” Since few weeks Inspirational Speaker, RKG has become the talk of town. I had been hearing this, but as… Continue reading A Journey to Faith