A-Z April '14

Valuing values



Values are the most valuable assets of a human being. With the changing winds of society thereimages (6) is a danger of these values to become extinct if not given adequate care. Inculcating these moral principles in our children is the need of the hour. Sometimes we may feel that there is no room for such topics to be raised in today’s lifestyle but here we are committing a big mistake.


images (7)Whatever happens, we must very wisely incorporate these values in today’s fast paced life style.
If all the instances and stories are kept handy, they’d positively help them out whenever such circumstances erupt.


No matter we change our way of living, but our inner self should be as pure as rain images (9)water. There’s no harm in flowing with the current of latest trends, but our values should always stand like a rock.




A pinch of Pollyannaism-images (8)

A modest gift becomes valuable by its packing, coz this world first looks at the outlook then looks out for what is inside.


This post is written for:

Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2014)

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014)



9 thoughts on “Valuing values”

  1. Here in the States we are in danger of losing our way with political correctness and class warfare and endless things that have changed in the last few years taking us further down the road from the values this country was founded on. Can’t think of a more timely post than what you have written to remind your readers the danger of a world without values.

  2. To have good values and always the courage to live by them is important, I think:-) Great reminder of that- I enjoyed your write-up:-)

  3. As the world around us becomes more fast changing it can become bewildering. To know how to act in a conflicting situation will pose a big challenge challenge. At such times it is our inner voice which will tell us what is right. And the inner voice relies on our values!
    Thanks for a lovely topic. 🙂

  4. Our values form the foundation of our life. They dictate the choices we make and determine the direction that our life takes, so it is so important to inculcate the right values and beliefs from the very beginning!!

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