Dangling on the chain was….


Festive promotions, crowded shops, customers on shopping spree and fun filled air were driving Jia crazy to the window of that shop. Ten minutes ago she had gone inside but her savings were not enough for that purchase. Why was she so crazy about that? A young working girl of 21 worries about a lot crazy things, but she was trying to do more than that.

She took three round of that same lane and kept on thinking how to adjust her budget and buy her desire. Finally she decided and determinedly went back home.

Next day she took the chance of asking for advance salary of two months; it was her confidence or her luck, she got it.

Triumphantly she entered the shop and purchased her desire which was driving her crazy since the previous day.  On reaching home she shouted with excitement, ‘mom!’

Mom‘s face filled with love, pride and emotions…..  Dangling on the chain was a solitaire diamond pendant that Jia bought for her mother, and kept her father’s promise he made  before he had left for the war.



Written for: Wednesday Prompt 2014 #13

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014)

Picture courtesy: Google Images

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