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Yummy & Mummy



Laura and Harry were in love with each other. Laura’s parents had agreed on seeing Harry at first sight, but the main obstacle in their union was the consent of Harry’s parents. Agreement from both was a challenging task because Harry’s father was a food lover and his mother was a dietitian, and they had their own images of an ideal daughter in law.

Everyday on the table his father got up blabbering, ‘now Harry’s wife can change this patient’s diet kind of menu…I’m tired of eating this horrible food.’

‘My daughter in law will follow my advice as we all have to keep you fit. Harry’s mother clean bowled him.’Image

Getting consent from both was like a ‘mission impossible’ for the love birds.  Laura’s parents, in order to proceed the matter further, invited Harry and his family for dinner on Sunday. Now Laura was in a big tumult, even though she was a good cook she was sure of being rejected by either of his parents. If she cooks delicious and grand dinner, mom will never approve of her, and if the food is balanced and nutritional then dad will show blunt response. Being a wise mom, Laura’s mother helped her to create a menu with balance, nutrition, taste and color.

After dinner when Laura answered some of her queries brilliantly, Harry’s mom smiled and hugged her lovingly, and daddy was already flat after having delicious food…his satisfying facial expressions were the signal of his consent.

Laura’s would be mother-in-law complimented her by approving her menu suitable for all the age groups.


Yes…she did it!!!


Here is the menu with little description-

Drinks– Fresh fruit (mixed) juice was served with decoration on the glass to give an exotic look.


1-     Boiled Green moong Salad- raw salad vegetables cut into small pieces, mixed with boileddownload (3) moon and sprinkled with chat masala  and lemon on it.

2-     Grilled Sandwich with vegetables- in between 3 slices of bread thin layer of soybean  hummus dip and boiled vegetables…. cut into four triangles.

3-     Baked Spicy Spaghetti – a combination of boiled pasta, white sauce, onion, capsicums, tomatoes, nuts, breadcrumbs, all layered one on other, and baked just before serving.

4-     Green Chutney (of mint and coriander) as a refreshing dip.

Main menu –

1-     Mixed lentils- five common lentils boiled together with whole dry spices and seasoned with garlic, ginger, onion, tomatoes and green chilies.

2-     Tofu (pickle style) in tomato gravy.

3-     Mix Vegetables- zucchini, broccoli , mushrooms, asparagus, peas, capsicum and bamboo xmas-lunchshoots and mixed together in a wok with dry spices.

4-     Fruit yogurt-small pieces of season fruits mixed with whipped curd to add a cooling touch to the menu.

5-     Cumin Rice

6-     Hot chapattis

7-     Capsicum and carrot julians tempered with some spices as a substitute for pickle

8-     Roasted poppadom


Fresh fruit salad with very little plain mayonnaise to give it a creamy texture

After food-

Jasmine Tea

Silver coated cardamon

A pinch of Pollyannaism-

Hard work can’t get you towards success, if done unwillingly…


This post is written for:

Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2014)

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014)

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  1. Excellent post Shelley. The food tips are simple and tasty too and the well laid out table will make any one feel hungry. Many thanks 🙂

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