Remembering you…

173905517743f51df2ff1d9fdd126380I looked at her continuously, she was smiling… a tear came rolling down my cheek. Though it is unusual for a strong man like me, it shows my love for my wife who now always smiles from behind that frame.

She was a devoted and loving person who made me feel comfortable during my troubled times, who was the backbone of my existence and the one who never wanted any appreciation in return. Such was my wife Mandy.
But we people take our loved ones for granted because for us they are always meant to be at our disposal. Her only desire was to get a little of my attention as a lover…yes… just this much!

At that time, it all seemed immature to me and I never reciprocated whenever she took the initiative. If I ever had any idea of her short companionship, I would have filled her life with all my love and warmth.

Sometimes I think what if she can see that how much I love her and how much I miss her? The only regret will be that what I am doing now would have been of great value if it was done at the right time.

If love is an intense emotion which is felt through the soul, then my soulful declaration of love for her will definitely rest her in peace. I am privileged to have my life shared with her.

We never know what destiny has in store for us, but we should always do the things that never land us in a regrettable situation.



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14 thoughts on “Remembering you…”

  1. Yes that’s the sad truth of life, we never really know the real value of a person in our life till they are gone. Wish that wasn’t so. Wish we would wake up and learn. Wish we could be more real with our feelings and not wait till it is too late. Touching write-up, Sheela!

  2. That was a beautiful tale… So moving and well told:-) I think we all need a reminder from time to time- that we should never take our loved ones for granted but always let them know… That they are loved:-)

    1. Absolutely Eli…..
      On various occasions people are found saying that if they had known…….but nobody knows about all this…
      Thanks for your kind comment…

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