Ending the tug of war…


m6KallHgNxHZIP0Wx-UqiuQShe stared vacantly at the painting on the wall, a set of four seasons gifted by her husband with a promise to spend all the four seasons together. It was the most valuable gift of her life, but unfortunately that promise was short lived. How could Sam think of someone else when he had admitted that she was his only love? Was his love superficial?

It was the spring time of her life and she was left alone! What was it that made Sam to leave her for someone else? How will she walk in the same society where she had walked hand in hand with Sam and her head held high?

Only this much happiness destiny had in store for her? ‘I was his only love, I was….’, She talked to herself like a retard. She couldn’t specify what was troubling her more, her lost love or the disgrace of losing her love.

Nights horrified her like demons and days looked dark. The pleasant weathers, the sweet aromas, the melodious music and anything that held Sam’s memory felt like killing her senses. Her life was stopped. She was turned into a machine that could only think. Few well wishers were by her side, but they were also helpless in front of her clinginess towards her past.

She wanted a little sleep, but her mind raced in her dreams too.  A blind alley through which she was walking continuously seemed unending. Suddenly, she experienced something unusual…she was in between two forces. Being pulled from the either sides, she decided to walk further. As she pulled her body along that alley, she saw a dim light and heard a sound, she pulled herself with force and wanted to follow that light and sound.

‘Do you still want the love of that person who doesn’t love you?’ questioned her inner voice.

‘But he loved me a lot and I can’t forget those moments…’, she replied in her feeble voice.

‘No need to forget those moments, they are the valuable assets of your life; If you are a person with self respect then forget him and forgive him…Cherish your moments spent with him, or don’t think about him’

‘It’s difficult to live without him because I’m nothing without him’

‘Ok, if he comes back to you…will your life become same as before?’


‘Do you want to beg for his love?’

‘Not at all’

‘Do you want him to insult you again and the people to sympathize with your situation?’


‘Then think what exactly you want? Either ruin your present and future for your past or just live the life of only today.’

‘It’s not that simple but I will try it’images

‘Try to make yourself super busy and postpone the negative thoughts for tomorrow…Just promise to live the present day only’

As she walked faster to reach that light, she woke up…

She could still feel the echo of that sound and the brightness of that light in the form of a determining morning.



Life at many points is a tug of war, and it’s consequences are faced by the helpless people.If the voice of inner self is heard purely, there are complete chances of inner peace being present there. 



Picture courtesy: Google Images


1 thought on “Ending the tug of war…”

  1. This is so well-written. So many times we tend to hold to the past only because we don’t want to only relive what we thought were happy forever times. The only way forward is to focus on the present and cut off anything that pulls us down emotionally. Lovely post!

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