One world connected- Choosing life

images (2)The facts behind the deaths caused by suicide always bring a question mark along with them. Be it a suicidal death of a celebrity, a professional, a high profile person or an ordinary person, it is always surrounded by a lot of mysteries.

According to the estimation of World Health Organization, about one million people around the world die by suicide every year. The most common reason behind it is the absence of hope from their lives; these people get surrounded by such a low feelings that they feel suicide as the only refuge to get out of that bleak situation.

imagesA ray of hope that can illuminate the hearts is peace education. When the inner conflict cripples the human hearts and takes them in a situation where there is dearth of knowledge, at that time peace appears as a savior and raises the spirit of that lowly person to differentiate between the right and wrong.

Peace through education’ can make a solid foundation in the children if imparted at the initial stage.

Video link for ‘power of peace education’

This year’s theme is “Suicide Prevention: One World Connected”…

The above purpose can be served by Inculcating virtue based knowledge from the beginning to bring peace in our hearts forever.

Some basic reminders for us-

images (1)Let’s be aware of other’s situations with open eyes and kind hearts.

Let’s lend a sympathizing ear to other’s problems.

Let’s offer them a helping hand.

Birth and death are in the power of destiny, we do not have any rights to mess with them, so we must be thankful for our beautiful life which is a valuable gift to every human being.

I’m participating in-

100 Voices for Suicide Prevention



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