Halloween Fun Fair…

While cleaning Gavin's room, she took his laser light and looked at it with astonishment. Since the day, Gavin has bought that light from 'Halloween fun fair', half of her concerns related to her son's problematic behavior have disappeared. Can any object be so helpful in changing someone's personality? He has become an organised and… Continue reading Halloween Fun Fair…


Journal Writing – a helpful ESL device

  Of all the English learning skills, writing is the most overwhelming of all. When a teacher steps in for teaching writing the whole class gets upset as they will now have to perform the monotonous tasks. Honestly speaking, in a class of forty there can be only three or four writers, but what about… Continue reading Journal Writing – a helpful ESL device


Out of oblivion…end of the twist

continued from- The twist of life.... With a thought to correct the situation, she hurriedly ran towards the car park to find Ben because she did not want him to reflect more on the situation that never existed. She saw Ben at the door of his car looking in the void. Running towards him with… Continue reading Out of oblivion…end of the twist