10 useful tips for a writing classroom

It was my first day in my new school, and I had to teach writing to the students of 11th grade. It was a challenging task though I was trying my best to be as calm as possible. Whatever I anticipated appeared as a reality. The class was not willing to write out of choice, so to create their willingness to learn writing was my foremost aim. I kept all my preparation aside, and decided to work in an extemporaneous manner. Now it was the time to learn the situations and act (teach) accordingly. Iimages tried all my guts, preceded conscientiously; tread patiently and finally got the way of dealing with such sort of situations. Though every writing teacher is well aware of such strategies, hope this proves to be of help for some…… the work is still in progress……

download (3)1- Impromptu teaching- We must always keep ourselves updated with all the topics related to our field, we may need them anytime in the class because our students are the experts.

images (2)2- Vocabulary workouts- teaching the new language with an interesting intake of vocabulary woven in different exercises help students to imbibe the words with permanent effect.

images (3)3- Guided input- Showing writing patterns on the screen with highlighted details help students recollect their previous knowledge and facilitate them to reinforce their writing skills.
Also, using technology in the classroom enhances students’ ability and shows promising results.
download (4)4- Interesting lesson plans- Without any doubt all of us try our best to plan the effective lesson strategy for best results, but out of nowhere some loose ends appear, and the teacher becomes depressed. To overcome this phase our lesson plans must be aided with warmers, fillers, and coolers, but an important thing to consider is that they should be relevant to our task to give it a smooth disposition.

Writing workshops and free writing sessions are the best ways for the nonresponders.

download5- Evaluation rubrics- marking writing is an overwhelming task for the teachers; students also lose interest after looking countless errors. The best way to overcome this situation is to set a few error corrections at one time according to the task requirement.

download (1)6- Appreciation- We demand a lot of things from students, but in rare cases we appreciate them. Instead of weighing their minus points, we must try to highlight the bright students’ point as an encouraging example. Rewarding the students with reader/writer of the month awards will keep their competitive spirit energized.

images (4)7- Group work- Dividing the class in writing groups according to the levels of students helps in writing, self-correction, and peer correction. It should be an ideal combination of all the levels. The leaders should be assigned with the responsibility to keep an eye on their group members, and encourage the team to work as a whole. For best results, the teams should get a mark on their average performance. This practice will enliven competitive and team spirit.

images (5)8- Journal writing- Students hesitate to write because they hate to listen about their mistakes. To make our learners spontaneous writers, journal writing should be made compulsory for each and everyone. They should write journals twice a week with the freedom of ‘no grammar constraints.’

To read more about maintaining journals in ESL class refer to the link below-

download (2)9- Entering and leaving the classroom with a smile- Just smiling at someone can make a person’s day. It’s all about paying it forward-  Mariska Hargitay

Nowhere else but it is damn compulsory in a writing classroom to have lessons start and end with everyone’s smiles.

TeacherShare10- Sharing- If you are a naive, talk to your experienced counterparts for valuable advice, and if you are experienced share your experiences with your juniors because contribution helps you to step further.

Our class should be a friendly as well as disciplined at the same time. Off and on we need to spread humor, but we must be an anchor who has the power of holding its ship to the shore firmly. These are not all as I mentioned earlier that if the work is in progress, it can bring out better ways gradually and enhance our teaching strategies.

If you have any teaching tip, do share with us…
Happy Teaching!

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4 thoughts on “10 useful tips for a writing classroom”

  1. Agree with all the pointers that you have shared here. I believe, teaching senior students is challenging, now-a-days. The attention span and interest level are generally low, so as a teacher one has to be on their toes, well prepared for the subject, and should be able to engage the the students and keep them interested. Happy transforming, guiding and shaping young minds, Sheela 🙂

    1. You are absolutely right that attention span and interest level of students are comparatively low, and in this case…teacher has to work conscientiously and efficaciously to make the learners grasp the information. Thanks a lot Shilpa for such a motivating comment!

  2. Some great tips here. I can just about imagine how difficult it is to keep a class excited and engaged by the subject matter.

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