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#1000Speak For Compassion—Writing and compassion


Writing has bestowed its priceless gift on me, and that is compassion. Ever since I started penning down my emotions it created new moments around me… where impossible became possible and doubts became clear. In other words it put a miraculous effect on me. My way of thinking changed; my mind reasoned and my heart loved. All the natural vices started following the track of positivism and joined the virtue.
My galloping mind is now under the control of inspirational reading and writing , as I take a daily dose of to it to enlighten my mind. Therefore, when I see the world from that window of clarity I become compassionate, and that compassion brings contentment in me.
It is always good if we are recognized by the world, but it is the best thing ever if we are recognized by our own-selves and that is possible with COMPASSION….
Writing gives a writer an identity, and the independence of being a human being…

This post is written for-1000 Voices Speak For Compassion

6 thoughts on “#1000Speak For Compassion—Writing and compassion”

  1. It is true, when we start reading inspiring stuff, we allow our minds to influence ourselves positively, and our writing also becomes inspiring, thanks for sharing your thoughts…

  2. Well said, reading and writing changes our perspective and opens up a world of new thoughts and understanding!

  3. That’s a beautiful perspective and I quite agree! Writing helps you put your swirling thoughts down and helps you to reach out to people in a special way!

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