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Social Distancing – Don’t panic, be productive

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We are sociable people and social distancing might feel claustrophobic to us, but we all are well aware of the fact that social distancing will definitely slow down the spread of infection and save the lives of people.

For many of us it could be like a strange phase in life, but we need to understand it wisely and receive it practically. Irrespective of its adverse effects on all aspects of our lives we need to handle ourselves positively otherwise this self isolation might easily deplete our energy. The choice is in our hands!

How to be productive during this period!

All the factors, that come forth during this time need to be treated with emotional intelligence, where we can train ourselves to be aware of the situation and understand its intensity and effects on our surroundings, for effective results.


Though it disrupts our usual pattern, we need to create a healthy routine  including  all the important elements that are best during this time

Eat good food

Stay Hydrated

Rest well

Meditate, Exercise, Breathe

Enjoy family time

Stay connected  (digitally)

Be mindful

Help elderly and kids to stick to the new routine

We have all the alternatives in hand with the help of digital technology, if we plan wisely we can grow ourselves and can play a significant part in flattening the curve to keep the number of cases down.

Working on laptop

Productive ACTIONS that can bring awesome RESULTS

The actions below mention only a few activities, however once you brainstorm by yourself you will find your activities!

Try: Try something new, something that we are hesitant to do usually. Let this time bring out a new version of ourselves…

Do: If you have a terrace or a garden, plant seedlings and see your happiness grow into small plants, organise indoor picnic or games with family with food according to the theme…

Make: Bake cookies, cakes at home, try new recipes that you could not do due to shortage of time. Men can also show their cooking talent and impress the family at the same time…

Watch: All the episodes of your favorite show, but keep track of the time and the other chores and activities…

Become: a vlogger, a blogger, writer, artist, online tutor…

Enjoy: More time with family, doing household chores, playing board games, doing cleaning as workout, listening to the music…

Learn: Calligraphy, new language, cooking, video tutorials, art, craft and a lot more… phew!

Create: Art pieces using acrylic colors, hand made gifts…that all depends upon your creativity…

Reconnect: with your old friends, neglected hobbies…

Understand: thoughts, emotions, feelings…

And the list goes on…

36 Ways to Flatten the Curve and Practice Social Distancing

Mindfulness along with the physical and emotional health, daily workout, dance, meditation, breathing etc are very important to add productivity in our NEW ROUTINE!



A friend of mine clicks selfies daily dressed in different outfits and she posts them on IG regularly, so thoughtful, engaging and a smart idea!

The weekly and daily planners can help us stick to our routines and make our social distancing period the most productive one.

What is your routine during Social Distancing?

Download the Planners below and have FUN!

Social Distancing-Activity Ideas

Social Distancing-Daily Challenge Planner

Social Distancing-Weekly Challenge Planner

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Disclaimer – This article is a personal view of the author.

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