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‘I Am…’

Rhea sat calmly on the garden chair with her cup of tea. She tried to be completely normal because after her divorce with Kevin she had never witnessed a moment which allowed her to live with self respect. She had seeded inside her the guilt of being an incompatible partner, and had considered the support of her well wishers as a charitable sympathy only.


All her married friends had drifted away from her; without Kevin she felt herself vulnerable and unwanted. She had confined herself to her work and home, but at home she encountered the attacks of mood swings and sducidal thoughts. She knew it was not sane to do so, but the more she thought about Kevin’s behavior the more she got depressed. Three months passed away in this tumult making her mental state worse than before.


One day she happened to scribble about that fateful day just to pretend to her colleagues about her being occupied by office work…THERE she had a sudden epiphany! When she read back her story, she was surprised; it felt like the burden of guilt from her heart was slowly getting offloaded. She started writing about the past as well as recent happenings of her life in a diary, and after reading all those she felt much better. Gradually she started pouring her heart out and making stories, some with happy endings and some with tragic ones. For her that diary was her soul mate, she vented out all her emotions on to her diary and felt relieved. Nonetheless writing and reading her own stories inspired her to write more. The lacuna of her life seemed to bridge up.


She found herself connected with each and everything in the world in many ways; eventually her thoughts unleashed themselves and set on the journey of manifestation. Her quest of her own life began from that point. Rhea found the way of living with dignity. Now she was a changed person who was out of guilt, anger and hatred; she bore a neutral personality. According to her she was not short of anything, in fact she was the custodian of her own inner joy and happiness.


‘I Am…’, her autobiography in the market has become the talk of the town. All the copies were sold as hot cakes. Social networks are spreading the news as forest fire and she has become a celebrity writer. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever thought of such a moment being alive. It was all unbelievable for her, but sometimes when her mind follows the track of her past life and pauses on that time when Kevin and she were together…she pulls her mind back and tells herself the story of everlasting love because now she is in love with her own life.

As she saw time in her wrist watch, she abruptly got up from her chair because there are many engagements in line and she has to be modest towards each and every invitation after the success of her book.

We all wish her a very positive beginning of her new life!

Working on laptop

Feelings voiced through CREATIVE EXPRESSION helps us to understand our thoughts and the ability to work on them for positive results!

P. S- A creative person’s imagination breaks the shackles of limitations and escapes them to the world of fantasy, love, care, emotion, reality, concern or anything else which could be touched by their work to bring a change in the society. Lucky are those who bring positive change in theirs or other’s lives.


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1 thought on “‘I Am…’”

  1. The title itself is so inspiring. True, self expression opens the doors for endless options. Nice share.

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