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Her Own Bit Of The Sky (7 tiny tales)

This is the collection of 7 stories (tiny tales) revolving around the emotions and decisions of 7 different women in this world. “We can’t control the world. We can only (barely) control our own reactions to it. Happiness is largely a choice, not a right or entitlement.” – David C. Hill


When an unexpected guest slid in…

Written for  100 Words on Saturday 2014 #10 &  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014) Day 7 “How to get rid of this rat…?” Saying this mom rushed into the kitchen; we followed her. A hissing snake slithered through the kitchen; mom pushed us back, but in a split of a second it disappeared behind the door.… Continue reading When an unexpected guest slid in…


Compliment – an expression of love

It was Kevin’s phone. ‘Shelly …the things are getting worse, she has changed a lot, whenever I talk to her there is always a fight…what shall I do?’ ‘Now what happened?’ I expressed concern. ‘I simply told her that the food is not perfect, she blasted; I don’t know why she has become so high… Continue reading Compliment – an expression of love

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Is your Success all yours?

On the pages or on the screen, a protagonist wins the acclamation of the readers or audience, but what about the rest (who are not in the fore ground) are they appreciated for their strong support? In real life too many people who are actually in the background and deserve to be mentioned in the forefront are… Continue reading Is your Success all yours?